Eclipse of Moon by Earth

March 3rd 2007 20:24 GMT

Finally 21 years after my last moon eclipse, there’s one visible from where I happen to be.

This time I used my Fuji Finepix S5000 at 6 Megapixels, f stop 7 and a variety of shutter speeds (similar to those used before) bracketed for each shot.

[Eclipse of Moon set out as clock. ]

It certainly was a lot easer this time. Not just because I was able to see it from my house with easy access to hot brews. But also the camera was a breeze to use, in colour, good zoom (x10 optical) and the settings visible in the view finder meaning not other light is needed.

[Moon at 23:58hrs red colour ]

The results are as good if not better than the previous set. Unfortunately intermittent low clouds meant that the timings where a bit flexible but around 30 minutes between each shot. Some high cloud also gave a fuzzy quality to some pictures.

[beautiful misty moon ]

[Initials monogram  A R T]

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