[Nicola on bed cover ]

Nicola was originally brought as a friend for Rosy, unfortunately they didnít get on, we tried a few things to make them bond like rubbing pudding on them both, they were meant to lick it of each other and bond, but in the end we were beating and had to make another cage set up.

[Nicola on bed cover showing tail ]
[Nicola climbing inside cage ]

Piss a lot was the nick name Sabrina gave her as every time she picked the rat up she would pee on her!

[Nicola by water bottle ]
[Nicola on lader ]

She had never been right, losing her balance and turning around in circles. We thought she was blind but the vet didnít think so they said to was most likely to be a tumor on the brain & they couldnít do anything. She seemed to get a bit better for a while, but one day I saw some blood coming out of he nose- I knew that was not a good sign-so back to the vet. The vet said was nothing they could do. The next day we decided to have her put to sleep on the 9 July 2008 with Sabrina there.

[Initials monogram  A R T]

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