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Blaster Bates - The Naming Of Knicker Brook at Olton Park race coarse.

This is the true tail of how Knicker Brook got its name, told by one of the funniest after dinner speakers Iv heard. His stuff is a bit hard to get hold of these days but very worth a listen if you can get it.

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Blaster Bates - Thruching the Pike

Another tail from the working life of Blaster Bates about getting some Pike out of a lake for a fishing syndicate.

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Blaster Bates - Shifting The Ship

Mr Bates response to a ship stuck on a rock.

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ISIHAC - Electric cows

An excerpt from the radio 4 comedy show "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" with Humphrey Lyttleton comparing and a variety of guests. Very worth a listen if it's on. Generally broadcast on Mondays at 18:30 GMT but can be caught quite easily via the BBC's listen again service (see links page).

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Jasper Carrot - Nutter on the Bus

We've all been there. Exhalant chuckles from the Birmingham funnyman.

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One Word Story

The result of ramblings on the Firefly forum, posting one word at a time.


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