The Cages

It all started simply enough. One hamster in one cage. Then we decided to put some sand in a terrarium, hamsters being desert creatures and linked it up using a Habitrail value pack and a bit of ingenuity.

Note:- If you have a Hamster get it some sand in a terrarium and link it. They love it and will keep you entertained digging in it and searching for treats if you mix some in the sand occasionally. Some say Hamsters are boring, this is only true if they have nothing to do and are bored them selves.

Then I found a sale on the web and got a bit more, and the local pet shop had some old stock which we got for a very good price making a fairly interesting set up which kept Sandy very happy.

Later we ended up with 2 gerbils and a hamster in 2 setups made from the original setup plus a few more cages. Then another hamster and yet more caging, and later still a rat and a whole load more which was topped off a couple of weeks later by finding 2 boxes of Habitrail out side a charity shop, which despite some crucial bits being missing further expanded the cages to Cercum-navigate the whole room.

The picture below will give you some idea of the entertainment (far more fun to watch than the TV most nights). You can download a 2M complete picture going right round the room by clicking on the picture or the link below.

[cages on  wall's of bedroom ]

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