The Others

[Trophy as I first saw her ]

I was on my MZ TS150 (Sheba), cruising about the local classic vehicle rally which spreads out over two villages, when this gentleman walks over as Iím setting off and compliments me on how well itís running. It turned out he had a couple of MZís taking up space in his shed which he wanted for a Vincent he was restoring and might I be interested in them. On inspection one of them turned out to be an old. ES250 Trophy sports with the square headlamp cowling. Id fancied one of these for quite some time so I defiantly wanted it. He also had a TS250 lying against a wall in his garden which a mate of his owned but had lost interest in, which he also wanted me to take as part of the deal and I got it at a very reasonable price.

The ES250 is in my garage under wraps awaiting restoration when time and space permit but unfortunately the TS250 is still languishing out side but in a very sheltered position.

[Sorry looking MZ 125 ]

I also have a TS125 which I keep for people to learn on. At the moment though it hasnít been used for a bit and could do with a good dose of looking at before being put somewhere dry and safe to await use.

[Initials monogram  A R T]

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